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Jaguar X-type car mats 2001 - 2003


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Full set of Jaguar X-type car mats,fully custom tailored to fit Jaguar X type 2001 - 2003

All our car mats to fit Jaguar X Type2001 - 2003 are fully tailor made to fit your model of car.
Our fully tailored standard Jaguar X Type car mats are manufactured to specifically fit your vehicle. The car mat sets are, cut and styled, using a durable velour and have a reinforced heel pad fitted to the drivers mat.
The complete Jaguar X type car mats set and heel pad are edge bound, using an attractive ribbed binding. The photo shows a close-up view of the carpet quality and trim. These mats are tailor made to order and will fit right hand drive vehicles only.
Our standard jaguar car mats range is not made from cheap carpet. These Jaguar car mats are good quality. Our luxury Jaguar X type car mats range is a thicker better quality nicer finish but both are outstanding quality.
The Jaguar X type car mats in all colours. upgrade to better high quality if preferred using the boxes.
See our superb Platinum Graded floor mats available in Black, Grey or Beige carpet.
Now reduced from £119 per set
Luxury car mats Jaguar fitted
For our JAGUAR X type SUPER LUXURY CUSTOM mat sets, we are using the very best quality approved velour carpet, which is so good; a well known and prestigious car manufacturer uses the same quality on their top models.
We offer a fantastic and exciting colour range of leather-look binding trims that is rarely seen in the UK automotive sector, as it is, generally, hard to work with and of a very high cost value.
Premier grade Electric Blue car mats Premier Grade Red
To complete your JAGUAR Type car mats set, we offer a colour range of trim stitching, which further enhances the colour coordination process.
To complete your Jaguar X type Super Luxury car mat set, we offer a colour range of trim stitching, which further enhances the colour coordination process.
We have many colour options available within the Exclusive Jaguar X type range, ensuring that your mat set choice will be totally unique to you and your vehicle.
Pleas See Below Pattern.
Please check with us if you are unsure of anything.
All parcels are fully insured by our self with no extra cost to you.
Boot liners for jaguar.
Just £39.99 while stocks last.

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