About Car Mats

Our Custom Tailored car Mats. All models of fitted car floor mats ,with many varieties of edgings. Superb aftermarket car mats tailored to fit all vehicles. Unbranded and at great prices.

Our Tailored car mats are fully tailored for each individual model of vehicle and are available in all carpet grades, colours and a wide choice of quality custom edging trims.


With over 2000 car mat patterns on file , we will almost certainly have the car mats you require. However if we do not have your particular vehicle's mats , we can still definitely produce a bespoke set of car mats for you. You simply just need to send us a paper template . This is a very simple process as our short instructional video below illustrates.

Need car mats for a LEFT HAND DRIVE vehicle?

No problem at all, we can supply these for you!

Please ensure that you supply us with your  contact telephone number and valid email address that you have regular access to when ordering car mats from us, in case we need to contact you to discuss any possible problems with your order.

Failure to provide your contact details could lead to unnecessary delays in you receiving your purchase.

Please email if you require further information or if you require a quote for custom car mats or even a quote for us to ship to a destination not already listed. 

Please Note, due to copyright we cannot replicate certain official vehicle manufacturer or model badges onto purchased car mats and also logos cannot be added to Rubber mats.

Our patterns are on each page and will show if and where any fixings holes are located. In the event there are no holes on our pattern then we supply universal fixings for the drivers mat if needed. Also some models have Velcro backed fixings mats. This will not show on the pattern. If you are unsure ,please ask as we cannot offer refunds on tailored made to order products

Our entry level Standard+  mats spec starts at 650g pile.

These custom tailored car mats are of excellent quality and most come with fixings for extra safety.

Our fully tailored Standard + , Excel Super Luxury , Premier Super Luxury car mats are manufactured to specifically fit your vehicle and are, cut and styled, using high grade durable tufted nylon and come with a reinforced heel pad fitted to the drivers mat as standard

Super Luxury custom car mat images


Premier Super Luxury graded mats with leather look trim


Stunning value and our top grade custom mats
For our exclusive custom tailored car mats sets, we are using the very best quality approved velour carpet, which is so good; a well known and prestigious car manufacturer uses the same quality on their top models. We offer a fantastic and exciting colour range of leather-look binding trims that is rarely seen in the UK automotive sector, as it is, generally, hard to work with and of a very high cost value.



Now offering Europe's highest graded car mats
Carmats2u are the only company to offer these stunning 3050gm hand made fully tailored car mats for our high end clientele or customers wanting the absolute best in automotive mats.

Platinum Graded Car Mats


Stunning quality and thickness of the mat. Please feel free to ask us anything regarding our car mats or fixings before ordering,  as all car mats are made to order and we are unable to offer refunds for wrong orders placed by customers.

What does this mean regarding the PLATINUM mats?
These mats have been fully road tested, and will comfortably last for up to 50,000 miles if looked after properly, e.g. not driving with stiletto heels on etc.

Rubber Grades
Heavy Duty rubber with leather look trim.


As previously mentioned due to copyright , we cannot display certain official vehicle manufacturer logos or vehicle make badges onto purchased car mats. Typically or logos will look something like the image below. Please note that we cannot add logos to Rubber mats


Example as above, can choose colours plus wording or send an image of your brand logo, car club etc.

Platinum graded logos are different, and are displayed on mats as per the above Platinum car mat image.

By placing an order, you have agreed to adhere to our terms regarding vehicle make logos as we cannot refund on custom made products ordered incorrectly once manufactured.

These mats are a custom made to order product. Please be sure that you understand exactly what you are ordering. Be sure to know your model. Be sure to look at the pattern shown.

Please ask if in any doubt. Once manufactured, refunds cannot be issued for incorrect orders placed by the customer.

Restocking fees will apply.

Always best to ask firstly, Mats come with fixings and also some with ring fixing holes that fit over top of existing fixings.

Most mats have original fixings, some use a Velcro fixing system. And some mats we include have our own approved fixings to secure your mat. We don't state all mats have original fixings and all images are generic to show the edgings and materials, as with over 11,000 products its impossible to display every type of mat with the exact fixings etc. Therefore, PLEASE ASK US prior to ordering should you require clarification of any aspect of your potential order as we cannot offer refunds on incorrect orders placed by customers!

Tailored Boot Liners for all  car models.Please feel free to ask.


Fully tailored, waterproof, oil proof fully washable anti spill boot liner protector with added cargo strap section.